Friday, December 8, 2006

Yard Master, 1959


1959 Porter-Cable Yard Master Mark 26. More like this at


Anonymous said...

That's great!!! I needed that considering the temperature outside today! Classic art is great!!!!

Susan the Neon Nurse said...

Funny how that sweet old machine looks so much like the one I bought about 40 years later...other than the steering bar and a couple of levers, it's all the same technology.

MINE came with a booklet warning you not to ride it up that steep of a slope though....

Anonymous said...

It takes a real man to wear long black socks with shorts.

Note the hot young woman in the background who is clearly impressed with the virile piece of beef mowing his lawn.

And by Zeus, yes, I love this old art too!

Anonymous said...

Oh wait - there are TWO hot young babes checking out the older gentleman and the equipment between his legs.

Note the redhead on the left pointing this out to her obviously shocked boyfriend. No doubt she is asking him if he has something as big down there.

In one way I am being funny, but in another you know this is what is being implied by the artist to sell that mower.

Freud lives!

john caskey said...

I have one but it is a Eska mark 28.dose anyone know anything about it